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Fill in the check-up clearly every week

The online check-up

NB! When filling in, the empty fields must be filled in with N/A, please do not leave empty, do not use ë or smileys and do not have enter at the beginning of the box. The form is sensitive to this and cannot be sent otherwise. Please check these points before submitting your form. Thank you!

The importance of a good check-up!

It is very important for your result that the check-up is completed clearly and correctly, without your information our coaches cannot guide you properly.

In order to guide you as best as possible, I ask you to complete this check-up list every week. A small effort that ensures that your progress will go better! or do you not want a good result? Well anyway!

800+ members preceded you and now get significantly better results (up to 78%!). Then when they don't fill out the check up!